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Why Podcasting?

There are a lot of reasons why podcasting...but you just need one! Lucky for you we've put together 8 for you that should make your decision easy. 

If you're convinced already then let's book a time to chat. 

Podcasts are intimate

Compared to written text content like newsletters, podcasts can be listened to wherever your audience goes: while they drive to work, while they do their laundry, while they get ready for bed, or at any point during their day.

Podcasts drive action

23% of podcast listeners searched online for more information about a product or service being advertised; 18% found out about a product/service they hadn't heard of before; 15% talked to friends/family about the product or service

Podcasts are on the rise

27% of Canadians reported that they listen to a podcast monthly with women making up more than half of all listeners. With the rise of apps like clubhouse, audio is set to be the next big thing to engage your audience

Causes are popular topics

31% of listeners said that society and culture was their favourite genre of podcasts; 16% said the arts; 10% said science; 9% said education; 9% said religion and spirituality, and 8% said music

Podcast content is complementary

Two-in-three listeners with a favourite host say they knew the host before listening to the podcast, showing the ability of popular personalities to draw listeners into podcasts. This means that you can build a podcast audience without it cannibalizing your existing content

Podcast listeners are loyal

On average, podcast listeners listened to over 6 hours of podcasts a week and listened to 6.5 shows per week. These listeners listened primarily (77%) on their cellphones and mobile devices

Podcast listeners are highly educated

More than half of all podcast listeners have a university-level education (or above) and a third have college or some technical school education

Podcast listeners are high earners

One-third of all podcast listener's household income is over $100K and one-third's household income is between $75K and $99K making them high-wage earners

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