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Want to test drive a podcast? Then you need to sign up for Clubhouse

Months ago, a friend of mine came to me and told me that 'you need to be on Clubhouse'

My first question was 'what's a Clubhouse'?

Well, the spark notes version of Clubhouse is that it's an audio-only platform where you can create rooms and groups around topics. No video. No recording (though there are ways to do that). And very spontaneous. You set the topic, but it can go in any direction.

After doing a bit of investigating, I wasn't really sold on it. I thought 'not another platform'

But then I spoke to my good friend Kimberley MacKenzie about it. She has a cool podcast and social enterprise called The Intersection Hub, and also wrote an article on Clubhouse) which opened my eyes to what Clubhouse could be for charities and nonprofits.

The overlaps that I see for nonprofits and charities to test drive a podcast through Clubhouse are many, but I'll lay out a few for you to start.

The first, it's all audio: Even though some podcasts are video and audio, the original podcasts have kept with audio-only. This is a plus in my opinion as it lets you integrate this kind of content into your routine. You can listen in while you do your laundry, run errands or really any other activity.

The second, you can do longer-form content that people will listen to. Podcasts present an opportunity to use long-form content to engage with your audience. Clubhouse is the same - with rooms often going for 30-60 minutes...when was the last time outside of an event that you got the attention of your supporters for more than a few minutes.

The third, it's more intimate. You can go into more detail, and share more behind-the-scenes parts of your work that you just can't do through an email. People can ask questions, respond in real time and you can give insights into things that can get lost in translation when written out.

Finally, its free! You have to pay $0, put no effort into production and can test out content with little-to-no risk. All you need to do is invite people to your event or room and Bob's your uncle (that's still a saying people use, right?)

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