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How to 10X your content production from one podcast episode

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

One of the biggest limiting mindsets that those looking to do a podcast have is that 'the podcast is just one piece of content'

Wow, I just cringe at hearing that.

The reality is that if your podcast isn't being exploded out to at least 10 pieces of content then you're doing it wrong.

What do I mean by this? How is this possible? Well, let me tell you what I do on my podcast.

To set the stage, I host an interview podcast (you can check it out here) and we usually record for about an hour with our guest.

Now that I'm done with that shameless plug, let's get back to breaking down a podcast!

First, I take all my guests' answers to my questions and I digest them into 30-60 second clips. I then take these and make audiograms from them (if you don't know what that is, here you go)

Second, I take some of those responses and I make some quote clips out of them. I don't do this near as often...but I should! These can be some great visuals to share from your show.

Third, I make a highlight episode for each long-form. That means me recording some shorter versions of my questions to my guests, and some revelations, but it makes for something quick that people can listen to.

Fourth, you can transcribe your episode. That means taking the whole thing and getting it written up. This gives you lots of opportunity to make blogs, quotes and other content - while also making your show more accessible. I like to use a program called 'descript' to do that but also '' can work well.

Fifth, you should make a blog post or email out of the episode as a reflection. Share some highlights that stood out to you, but also tell people what to expect so that they want to listen to the episode.

Finally, you should use your podcast to create testimonials or other collateral for fundraising or volunteering purposes - especially if your guests are those who work or volunteer with your organization.

When you add all these up you should be at anywhere from 5 extra pieces of content (and that's if you're lazy) all the way up to 20+ pieces of content.

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