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5 unusual questions for your next podcast

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

When you have a guest it can be hard to get a good, original story out of them.

Well, I’ll tell you what the real problem is.

You need good, original questions.

In order to get answer that you've never gotten before, you need to ask a question that your guest has never been asked.

But what if you can’t come up with some good, original questions?

Well, good news!

I’ve got 5 for you that you can rip off!

You can also use them to draw some inspiration from if you need some.

What’s your superhero origin story?

I like asking this one either at the beginning, or even in a pre-interview (you can read more about the pre-interview or ‘discovery call’ at this blog)

I also like to give it a frame: so I often ask ‘if you could explain your superhero origin story in 5-12 comic panels (aka major moments in your life). That way, you don’t get a rambling story that will eat into half of your recording time.

What would you teach a master class in if you could?

This is one that I LOVE asking. Why? Well, it forces your guest to be articulate in some of the things you’ve talked about and it gives you great captions for social media. Plus, who doesn’t dream of having their own master class?

What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back in time?

This can be taken in a bunch of different directions. If you’re younger than your guest, you can ask what advice you’d give to people your age/yourself at that age. So if you’re 25, and your guest is 40 ask them what advice they’d give to their 25 year old self.

What do you hope people remember you for?

This one is a neat one because it shows what people want their legacy to be. Most times you’ll get a generic answer - but sometimes you’ll strike gold and get a clip that anyone would dream of

What’s something you keep on your desk/wall/office that has a special meaning that people don’t know about?

This is one that I absolutely love. Why? It shows what people hold on to (if anything) and unlocks a brand new potential story to talk about that you weren’t planning, but that can be cool.

So there you go! All of these will not only be good questions in and of themselves, but also be a good one to open up further questions and conversations.

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