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Become a nonprofit thought-leader through podcasting

Want to launch your nonprofit podcast? All you need is a week!

Is this you?


  • You want to be seen as innovative but feel defeated by the technology to do so 

  • You want to engage a wider audience but struggle to reach them

  • You have a powerful message but feel you’re falling short in conveying it

  • You want to reach a younger audience but don't know how

  • You’ve tried podcasting but felt under-resourced to do it well

  • You want to deepen relationships with your supporters through meaningful conversations but lack a platform to do it on  

If you answered yes to at least 1 of those...then you should launch a podcast

Image by Jon Tyson

In a week? But how?

You can launch a professional sounding, meaningful podcast in no time at all without having to be a techie, or even have a plan. Here's how

Book a strategy call

Get the right stuff to launch your podcast

Let the listens come streaming 

What we ACTUALLY do in a week

A week is not a long time...if you want to make 3 podcasts. In all seriousness, after being part of this program 

Our itinerary 

Day 1

Why am I starting this podcast?

  • Who is your podcast for

  • Your 'listener promises'

  • Podcast 'jobs to be done'

  • Creating listener avatars

  • Audience engagement plan

  • Your podcast goals

Day 2

The workflows of podcasting

  • Set up your hosting

  • Technology how-to

  • Software run through 

  • Templates to get yourself started

  • Season 1 plan

Day 3

Naming and Artwork

  • Podcast name

  • Podcast artwork 

  • Style of podcast

Day 4


  • Episode recording do's and don'ts

  • Hosting 101

  • Marketing 101 

  • Record your teaser 

Day 5


  • Launch day! 

How you'll feel after we're done



You'll go from unclear, muddled messages to crystal clear communications. There won't be any guessing about what your message is 



You'll go from disconnected from your peers, to connected to your growing community in no time at all



You'll go from unfocused spaghetti at the wall flinger, to focused content and messaging sniper who always hits the mark

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